Tatto Removal in Lucknow

Best Tattoo Removal in Lucknow

Tattoos were once craze and still, they are used by many teenagers as well as adults. A tattoo is etched into the skin and remains there for a very long time, due to fashion or due to suggestion or by interest people go through this procedure. Nowadays people also want to get rid of their tattoos, now removing a tattoo is a lot of work, but I hand of specialists it is not so.

TATTOO REMOVAL IN LUCKNOW at lemed wellness centre is being done for a couple of years , we use tested technology and surgical procedure for tattoo removal , we remove it completely and thoroughly , we have advanced laser system of q type standard in industry for this kind of treatment , because it is efficient , no pain is caused , very light anaesthetic is used , no marks are left afterwards .

Hence this laser treatment is highly successful in this sort of work, by using advanced q type laser tattoo ink is broken in very fine particles, afterward, the immune system eats up those ink particles making the area clear. TATTOO REMOVAL IN LUCKNOW at lemed had also used other methods like acids of a special type, and grafting procedures but they have faded with time and now modern technology has taken its place.

If you are suffering from tattoo regret, laser tattoo removal is the most effective method to eliminate your tattoo ink without scarring. It is safe for all skin tones and works on virtually all inks.

In just a few laser sessions, your skin can be ink-free. Lemed Wellness has developed the highest powered multi-wavelength tattoo removal system on the market, the Trinity, to produce fast results, no matter the complexity of your tattoo.

Each laser tattoo removal patient should expect unique results based on a number of independent factors:

1 – Age of Tattoo
2 – Density of Ink
3 – Ink Composition
4 – Depth of Pigment Insertion
5 – Tattoo Color
6 – Patient Health